The innovative technology behind CoPulsation™ is the use of two co-dependent solenoids that work in a coordinated manner to control the admission of vacuum and air to the pulsation chamber in the shell. This design eliminates all inefficiencies and permits the use of a very large diameter fresh air inlet effectively turbo-charging the pulsation.

The product consists of pulsators, controlling electronics to power the pulsators, shells, liners and splitter Tees.

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CoPulsation™ pulsator in an exploded partial assembly configuration with the common output chamber exposed. This is a simultaneous pulsator.

CoPulsation™ pulsator cut apart to show the large diameter fresh air inlet opening with not restriction.

Conventional pulsator sectioned to show that a single solenoid controls both air and vacuum with a small fresh air inlet that requires the fresh air to be forced between the solenoid plunger and the solenoid windings.

red, swollen teat healthy teat

Compare the difference in fresh air paths through the two different pulsator designs. CoPulsation™ is a highly efficient design whereas the conventional is extremely restrictive

red, swollen teat healthy teat



The above pulsation graphs show the difference in pulsation performance, both are measured at the shell

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